Interdisciplinary Exchange through Workshops

Together with the c:o/re team, our fellows organise a number of workshops to stimulate the interdisciplinary exchange between our center, researchers of RWTH Aachen university and the broader scientific community.

The workshop program includes the following past and upcoming events:

Upcoming Workshops

Below you can find information about upcoming events. If you are interested, please register with events[at]

The Use of Networks in Humanities and Social Sciences. Model, Metaphor, Method

WHEN: May 30th to June 1st, 2022 I WHERE: Theaterstraße 75 and online

organized by Ana Bazzan with Phillip H. Roth and Alin Olteanu

The workshop charts the use of networks in humanities and social sciences and the consequences of their use for the way we perceive and understand science, society and the world.

Art’s Realism in the Post-Truth Era

organized by Amanda Boetzkes

WHEN: June 21st to 23rd, 2022 I WHERE: t.b.a.

The last decade has seen a growing preoccupation with philosophies of realism from artists, curators, theorists and historians. But while the arts benefit from this domain of philosophical inquiry, the reverse is also true: the significance of realism in an era characterized by global warming, migrations, and fake news can only be fully understood by attending to the ways that art mediates, visualizes, and even shapes reality. Taking art’s constitutive relationship to realism seriously, this workshop intervenes on contemporary debates about realism by demonstrating that the arts do not simply illustrate philosophical theories, they require its redefinition. The contributors will demonstrate such reconceptualizations of realism and through its aesthetic dimensions not only in the visual arts, but also in sound art, performance and scientific imaging. Bringing together advanced scholars from art history, media studies,philosophy, literature and visual arts, the workshop foregrounds the importance of art’s realism in a global ecology that crosses the boundaries of discipline and medium.

Open Scholarship, Responsible Innovation and Anticipatory Governance

organized by René von Schomberg and Andoni Ibarra

WHEN: June 29th to 30th, 2022 I WHERE: Theaterstr. 75 (Stadtpalais) & online

The workshop tackles some ‘lead questions’ in open science, responsible innovation and anticipatory governance. Some of those are: Can open scholarship make science more reliable, responsive, credible and inclusive? And does open scholarship lead to a better scientific practice? How should open scholarship be incentivised? What is the significance of anticipatory governance for open science and responsible research and innovation? How do we conceptualize “anticipation” in such a way that it leads to open anticipatory governance? How can we assess anticipatory governance?

These and other questions will be discussed at an open round table.

Philosophy of Mathematics: Diagrams, Notations and Reasoning

organized by Markus Pantsar and Frederik Stjernfelt

WHEN: July 2022 I WHERE: t.b.a.

This workshop explores practises of diagrammatic reasoning and the role of notational issues in the ontology of mathematics.