Conference: Politics of the Machines: Lifelikeness & beyond

RWTH Aachen University - Super C Templergraben 57, Aachen

From 22 to 25 April 2024, the experimental conference “Politics of the Machines: Lifelikeness & beyond” will take place in Aachen, which seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners from a wide range of fields across the sciences, technology and the arts to develop imaginaries for possibilities that are still to be realized and new …

Distilled, Extruded, Suspended: Lessons in Lifelikeness from the Metabolism of Mass Production – Hannah Landecker

RWTH Aachen University - Super C - Generali Saal 639 Templergraben 57, Aachen, Germany

Keynote “Politics of the Machines” Conference Abstract: This talk is about quite ordinary matters, such as the prevention of perishability in rubbers and oils, and how one makes a non-dairy creamer that lasts without refrigeration. Yet these are also extraordinary matters. The harvesting and remobilization of metabolically powerful objects and processes proceeded apace in the …


PACT Zollverein Bullmannaue 20a, Essen, Germany

As part of the conference Politics of the Machines: Lifelikeness & beyond, a cooperation with the Performing Arts Centre PACT Zollverein in Essen is planned for Friday, 26 April, and Saturday, 27 April 2024. With ›‹, PACT invites you to an experiential, installative, and discursive journey that questions and transcends the boundaries between machines, objects, …

Workshop: Epistemology of Arithmetic: New Philosophy for New Times

Stadtpalais Theaterstraße 75, Aachen, Germany

Celebration workshop of Markus Pantsar’s book Numerical Cognition and the Epistemology of Arithmetic (Cambridge University Press 2024) and Gabriele Gramelsberger’s award of the K. Jon Barwise Prize 2023 for philosophy and computing by the American Philosophical Association. Please find the program of the workshop here. If you would like to attend, please write a short …

Workshop: The Origin of Concepts: Philosophical analyses and historical accounts

Stadtpalais Theaterstraße 75, Aachen, Germany

Organizers: Giora Hon, Ruth Lorand, Gabriele Gramelsberger Please find the program of the workshop here. If you would like to attend, please write a short email to Please note: During the event, the Käte Hamburger Kolleg: Cultures of Research (c:o/re) will take photos and videos for public relations purposes.

On the Origin and Development of Scientific Concepts: Light Rays and Lines of Force – Friedrich Steinle

Stadtpalais/Online Theaterstraße 75, Aachen, Germany

Abstract: In studying the historical dynamics of scientific knowledge, concepts constitute central objects. Their study, however, poses difficulties and challenges that have to do with their specific character as basic components of scientific thought: Much as in everyday life, they are constantly used but scarcely addressed as such. While we speak about chairs, cats and …