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The Käte Hamburger Kolleg: Cultures of Research (c:o/re) is an International Center for Advanced Studies in Philosophy, Sociology, and History of Science and Technology at RWTH Aachen University. It fosters interdisciplinary exchange with scholars from the natural and engineering sciences, particularly in the fields of matter, life and brain research as focused on the topics of complexity, lifelikeness and emergence.


Our Winter Term’s Lecture Series: Cultures of Research will start beginning of November.

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Biosemiotic Erasmus adventures

CHIARA SCHUMANN AND JULE JANßEN As the first RWTH Aachen University students benefitting from the new Erasmus Blended Intensive Program (BIP) funding scheme, we wrote this text to convey our personal experiences to academics and university managers but especially to other students, who might be thinking of using Erasmus BIP. We used this type of…

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The Notebook pt. 2: “I liked the idea of carrying my research in just one bag”

Academic writing is a basic practice that does not start in writing up one’s research results for publishing. Right from the start of an idea for a research project, researchers are noting down things: thoughts, questions, observations, ideas. Let’s have a look at the often neglected but very central object that inhabits these very first…

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