Here you can find a list of upcoming conferences (and conference panels) the fellows and members of c:o/re are involved in:

  • The 4th conference of the International Association of Cognitive Semiotics (IACS), which will take place on June 15-18, 2022, is hosted by RWTH Aachen University. Particularly, the Chair of Semiotics and Cognitive Linguistics (Professor Irene Mittelberg, Professor Martin Thiering) is hosting this conference with the assistance of c:o/re (Professor Gabriele Grameslberger, Dr. Alin Olteanu) and, also, colleagues from KU Leuven. The topic of the conference is Semiotic Complexities – Theory & Analysis. The c:o/re team is organizing a panel on “Semiotic Approaches to Research Cultures” (see conference program).
  • The annual conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) takes place on July 6-9, 2022, in Madrid: “The Politics of Technoscientific Futures” is the topic of this years conference. Phillip Roth, Alin Olteanu and Ana María Guzmán are chairing a panel on “Making Media Futures. From Meaning to Imaginations and Expectations.
  • The Fourth European Pragmatism Conference is taking place at University College London on August 3-5, 2022. Together with Andrea Paravicini and Christian Frigerio (State University of Milan), Alin Olteanu and c:o/re fellow Erica Onnis are organizing a panel that means to challenge the theoretical dichotomisation of individual and collective by adopting several perspectives on complexity as salient in contemporary pragmatism. The panel is titled “Individual and collective: Pragmatist perspectives at the crossroads of metaphysics, biology and semiotics” (see conference program).