Technophany: Local Futures (Special Issue #1)

We are very pleased to announce the online first launch of the first special issue of the Journal Technophany, edited by sound artist Hugo Esquinca and our team member Ana María Guzmán Olmos. Technophany is a journal published by the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology and is dedicated to the thinking of science and technology in their historical and philosophical dimensions. This special issue considers Yuk Hui’s concept of cosmotechnics as starting point to reflect on particular Latin American technologies, technical thought and philosophy of technology, as well as the question of what does it mean to speak of local technologies in general.

The issue follows the format online first and, in this spirit, the articles will be released biweekly, thus giving space for debate and conversations around each singular article. Since the editors think that it is not possible to speak of local techniques and thought without listening to the local scholarship, the issue is bilingual so that each author could feel comfortable writing in the language in which they are used to contribute to knowledge.

The aim of this publication is to expand the discussion and the community of debate around Latin American technical thought and techniques. In this sense, we started a conversation with philosopher of technology Yuk Hui and the editors, where we expand on the possibility of thinking with the notion “cosmotechnics” across different cosmologies and particular contexts by bringing to the front the different problems and topics opened up by the articles.

In parallel to the open dialogue with Hui, a series of conversations in Berlin’s Cashmere Radio will be broadcasted live and online. The conversations will kick off with a dialogue between the editors (Hugo and Ana) and Fernando Wirtz, author of the paper “Cosmotechnics as Method: Beyond Geoculture” on January 17th (tbc).

We’ll be updating on upcoming events and radio conversations here and on the Networks social media.

You can read the Issue here:

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