Objects of Research

Being in the third year of our Fellowship Program, c:o/re is accumulating a remarkable variety of perspectives revolving around its main focus, research on research.

Questions tackled in this lively research environment are highly interesting and exciting and, as such, complex. The meeting of distinct research cultures may stir curiosity but may also leave one wondering what is the other even talking about… What are they studying?

To offer an insightful glimpse into the lively dialogues here, bridging and reflecting on diverse academic cultures, we are launching the blog series “Objects of Research”.

We asked current and alumni c:o/re fellows and academic team to show us an object that is most important for their research in order to understand how they think about their work.

We anticipate that a first insight into a researcher’s academic culture stems already from seeing what does the word object mean for them.

We will publish the answers to their questions every Friday here and on Instagram.
We wish you exciting insights!

Here you will find all the answers that have already been published: