Dr. Fernando Pasquini Santos

c:o/re Junior Fellow 04/22-03/23

Fernando Pasquini Santos is Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Uberlândia, Uberlândia, Brazil. During his PhD (2012), he worked with signal processing and complex systems modeling applied to computational neuroscience and was a research intern at the University of Pittsburgh (USA). He then became interested in better understanding the practices surrounding the work in data science and started reading and studying about philosophy of technology and STS. In 2017, he received a position as assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the Federal University of Uberlândia. In 2019, he started to work with the Centre for Innovation and Technology Assessment in Health, carrying out research in health technology assessment, usability engineering and interdisciplinary studies of science and technological innovation. He is especially interested in theories of human-technology interaction and their role in contemporary work.

Towards an Ergonomics of Data Science Practices

Data science has brought significant changes to the materialities of research laboratories and to activities of scientific experts, leading to many efforts directed to describing and conceptualizing these new forms of work. We propose to investigate how theories and methods developed within ergonomics and human-computer interaction (HCI) can provide new and distinct contributions in understanding practices of data science such as coding, visualization and data management. By resorting to a known division of HCI studies in three waves, we aim to review, discuss and integrate literature on 1) questions of human factors and cognitive load, 2) questions of distributed group work and cognition supported by computers and the internet, and 3) questions of user experience, emotion, values and aesthetics in data science practices. With this, we believe we can set a course and a research agenda for further work in an ergonomics of data science.

Publications (Selection)

Santos, Fernando P. Forthcoming. Mechanization and the irreducibility of the biotic aspect: a dooyeweerdian view of bioengineering. Philosophia Reformata, 86(2).

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Santos, Fernando P., Maciel, C., & Newland, P. 2017. Pre-processing and transfer entropy measures in motor neurons controlling limb movements.  Journal of computational neuroscience, 43 (2): 159–171.