Alin Olteanu

Alin Olteanu

I am a postdoctoral researcher and publications coordinator at c:o/re. My main research interest falls at the intersection of embodiment and mediality, which I explore from a semiotic perspective.

I hold a PhD from Roehampton University (London) in philosophy of education and had postdoctoral grants at Kaunas University of Technology and the University of Tartu, among other academic positions. Having taken a particularly semiotic approach to education, I became interested in multimodality, literacy, digitalization and multiculturalism, as topics of contemporary salience.

At the moment, I am pursuing research on the social and cultural consequences of digitalization. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how digitalization can foster opportunities for sustainable development. While the extension of human societies onto the digital adds layers of representation to the construction of societies and results in new social and political challenges, digital media can also stimulate awareness of humans’ embodied condition and environmental situatedness. This can inspire a non-dualist philosophy, which I explore as a pathway to rethink sustainability.

Selected publications

Olteanu, Alin. 2021. Multimodal modeling: brigding biosemiotics and social semiotics. Biosemiotics

Olteanu, Alin, Florian Rabitz, Augustė Nalivaikė. 2021. A Semiotic Comparison of Mass Media Representations of the Swine Flu and Covid-19 Pandemics: Observing Narcissus narcosis. Punctum 7(1): 45-65.

Lacković, Nataša, Alin Olteanu. 2021. Rethinking educational theory and practice in times of visual media: Learning as image-concept integration. Educational Philosophy and Theory 53(6): 597-612.

Olteanu, Alin. 2020. Translation form a contemporary media perspective: avoiding culturalism and monolingualism. Social Semiotics DOI: 10.1080/10350330.2020.1714204.

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Stables, Andrew, Winfried Nöth, Alin Olteanu, Sébastien Pesce, Eetu Pikkarainen. 2018. Semiotic theory of learning. London: Routledge.

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